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My mind is filled with prosperous thoughts. Since my life reflects my thoughts, I choose to take control. My life can only be as good as the thoughts I hold in my mind, so I think thoughts that are beneficial to me. Monitoring my thoughts can be tricky. I focus on positive thoughts. When I encounter negativity, I immediately replace it with a positive alternative. Over time, I have fewer negative thoughts. They are quickly becoming a thing of the past. I know the world is abundant. Everything I need already exists. I can achieve anything I can hold in my mind. I know that negative thoughts lead to negative outcomes, so I am able to exclude negative thoughts with ease. All it takes is practice. My ability to focus on positive imagery is growing by leaps and bounds. During idle periods, I intentionally focus on positive images. I am willing to put in the mental work to enhance my life. I can feel prosperity coming into my life. Each day, prosperity becomes more of a certainty. I can hold prosperous thoughts with little effort. Today, I allow myself to have thoughts of abundance. I am moving closer to the prosperous life that I want and deserve. I am expecting great things.

My financial decisions are well thought out. I understand that money has the power to control my actions. However, I am responsible when it comes to making financial decisions. I carefully weigh my financial options based on priority. Each month, I pay myself first by putting aside money in my savings. This helps me to secure a comfortable financial future. My second priority is to pay my bills. I take the time to budget for those monthly expenses. It helps me to ensure they get paid and life remains disrupted. I include smaller expenses in a pre-set budget for incidentals and am careful to keep within that limit. I avoid frivolous expenditures. Such unnecessary and unplanned spending can develop into a negative habit with unpleasant consequences. My focus is to make wise financial decisions. My friends sometimes encourage me to go on spontaneous trips with them. I know that those excursions are usually fun. But, I ensure all other financial needs are taken care of first. My mission is to be smart and responsible when it comes to spending. Today, I recognize that I am mature enough to make good financial decisions. I am committed to securing a sound financial future. I aim to create a comfortable retirement in the future by spending wisely now.

My eating habits complement my exercise regimen. I am a firm believer in attaining balance in my life. I know that overall fitness is achieved when I combine physical exercise with healthy foods. When I eat nutritiously, I have more energy to work out. I follow my trainer’s instructions on what to eat before and after exercise. I find that approach helps me make the most of my work out time. My workout regimen is geared to achieve specific fitness results. I know certain foods can support different fitness goals. I carefully select a diet that aligns with what I want to achieve physically. I strive to balance diet and exercise. I am in full control of my physical well-being. At times, I experience the urge to eat something satisfying, but unhealthy. I have the willpower to avoid it, but sometimes I allow myself the indulgence. I know that restricting myself too much can cause me to have unhealthy binges. I put in additional effort at the gym after I eat something unhealthy, so I can reset my fitness clock. Today, I commit to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I know it is sometimes difficult, but it is worth the effort. I love achieving healthy living through diet and exercise.

My choices are based on achieving personal happiness. My personal happiness is my ultimate goal in life. I believe that when I am happy, I can accomplish anything I set my sights on. My decisions always include considering the things that bring me joy. From time to time, I get distracted from that mission. But I quickly refocus, regardless of all the noise around me. I am happiest when I am healthy and have love in my life. I choose to exercise regularly so my body stays in shape. I surround myself with people who show me love. I choose relationships that provide me with healthy companionship. I enjoy positive conversations and interactions. I focus on being good to those who are important to me. I treasure their love and avoid doing anything to lose it. My friends and family are my foundation. I feel surrounded by walls of happiness. When I am content with life, it is difficult for anything to disturb that contentment. I know that when I am happy, wonderful opportunities come my way. Exploring new prospects contributes to my overall peace of mind. Today, I find it easy to make decisions if I focus on achieving personal happiness. I commit to thinking things through. I want to evaluate both sides of every situation before coming to a conclusion that makes me happy. Self-Reflection Questions: 1. In what ways can I remain happy when a personal relationship is broken? 2. How does helping others contribute to my own happiness, too? 3. When have feelings of disappointment put me in an unhappy state?

Making mistakes is part of learning. Learning without ever making mistakes is highly unlikely. Humans are designed to learn from their missteps. Mistakes, errors, and failure are all just forms of feedback. I choose to learn from my mistakes and use them to change my approach. I expect to make errors when I learn something new. I am able to stay focused and positive, regardless of the outcome. I use my results to propel myself to a greater level of expertise. The more slip-ups I make, the greater my skill level becomes. Everyone I know makes mistakes on a daily basis. Even the greatest baseball hitters in the world are successful less than 40% of the time. I am free from unreasonable expectations. I know mistakes are inevitable and I am confident in my ability to learn and succeed. Mistakes can have positive results. I am learning to enjoy making mistakes. They are signs that I am getting closer to my success. When I make a mistake, I smile, learn, and move on. Today, I look forward to making a few mistakes. I use my missteps to increase my wisdom and knowledge. Mistakes are just a part of the learning process.

Self-Reflection Questions: 1. Why is it difficult to learn anything significant without making mistakes? 2. When have I had unreasonable expectations of perfection for myself? 3. How would my life change if I were able to stop worrying about making mistakes?

Positive Affirmations for a better life -1
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