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Is he a good trainer? I’m sure you have asked this question at least once in your life time. This is a valid question to consider, when you take up any kind of training program. You need to evaluate the trainer, his credentials, and the organization before signing up for a program. Though there are various claims by NLP Trainers about the outcome of the program – it is very important to critically analyze the profile of a trainer before you enroll. It matters. It really matters.

I have been associated with NLP Trainers since 2003, yes , 14 long years! My first introduction to NLP was in the year 2003. It was an amazing experience because I badly needed it, I was a curious learner. In the process of learning more about NLP, I researched, I discussed, I read the famous books of NLP Trainers, it all helped.  I can summarize my findings in 4 points. If your trainer meets these 4 ‘’points’’ you can safely assume your trainer is a competent trainer.

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#1 : Life experience : What is your trainer’s life experience ? He might be a phenomenal communicator but what if lacks life experience. I am sure you won’t be interested to learn from someone who is going teach swimming, without a swimming experience. NLP is a study of human experience, it needs a lot of human experience – to understand, to empathize, to be sensitive.

NLP market is crowded. It is very difficult to find who is a good trainer. You must ask a simple question to your potential trainer before you sign up  – what’s your life experience and how NLP helped you to improve the life experience? Or, How did NLP help you in life? Listen to their answers – if the answers are convincing, and you feel it is right for you. You might be getting close to finding a right NLP trainer.

All NLP certifications are bogus and have no validity and are not recognized by any university. So If any one claims, they give certification, they give international certification – they are simply stating they are giving a printed paper.  You won’t get a job or a promotion because you have this certificate.

I have met NLP trainers who were in the field of Sales and Marketing, they are the dangerous set.  They speak and convince as if they are the founders of NLP. They can talk on any concept and you will  be mesmerized. But, as you attend the training program, you feel less connected. Be mindful, if not careful. One NLP trainer once told me, he can help me to find my purpose of life and meaning of my life – I signed up for the program, it was a good experience but I couldn’t find anything related to the purpose. Later I realized his intention was to convince me that he can help and then he conveniently ignored.

#2 : Their passion for human development : This is another pointer you must watch out while discussing your goal of attending the training program. How do you find that someone has passion towards human development? It is simple. You must ask the right questions. Ask them – the number of people they coached and what were changes in their lives? Are they willing to coach anyone for free?  Where do they spend their maximum time? If they spend maximum time for self development, coaching, training, community service, NGO – this will be a clear indication that the trainer has genuine interest in human development.

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At any given point of time, I will have at least 10 people whom I will be coaching or mentoring and I never consider that as a job or a work rather I consider that as a passion or curiosity of listening a story. NLP for me is New Life Program, and this new Life Program can be given to us only who are passionate about NLP, not everyone can give this.

#3 : Learning beyond NLP :  You need to understand, NLP is a branch of Psychology, hence it is important to understand NLP from a holistic point of view, not just from a subject point of view. NLP as a subject formed after assimilating various concepts from different subjects. Great NLP Trainers and Teachers are active learners of Psychology . Hence when you pick your NLP trainer ensure you know enough about their background and studies. Someone who has a background in Psychology, someone who has a degree Psychology, someone who is learner of Psychology is by default will be a good trainer because they understand NLP from an holistic point of view.


#4 : Read their blogs : This is very important. Blogs are created to share information. Great learners and trainers have a lot to share. Hence read their blogs, and assess the quality of their blogs – that will give a great idea about who they are as human beings and trainers. It will convey to you their understanding of NLP. We judge the quality of article an article by words used, powerful language, metaphors, similes, et al , same way we can judge a trainer by the quality of the articles he writes. As you go though the articles, you might feel connected, you feel what you are looking for in your life is written in the article.

To summarize, there are no good trainers or bad trainers – there are only people who are going to teach us, if they are bad they teach us something about our research and analytical skills or the choices we make , if they are good, they probably increase our awareness about life and it takes us from point A to point B.

How to find a good NLP Trainer ?
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