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It’s funny!

SNAPCHAT CEO said the app is “only for rich people” and that he doesn’t “want to expand into poor countries like India and Spain.” India reacted. India reacted in such a way people started uninstalling the app, the SNAPDEAL App. It’s funny! It is obvious that we react to insensitive comments, what if we respond ?


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Response Vs Reaction

In my understanding, response is brain at play whereas a reaction is feeling at play. The objective of this article is not to decide on what is good or bad, what is right or wrong. It is to understand what is appropriate.

Throughout my NLP Programs / behavioural training programs, I emphasize on the importance of understanding other person’s map of the world – this means – how other person thinks, talks and reacts. This will help us understand the situation from other person’s view point rather than understanding ONLY your view point. This understanding of other person’s map of the world ensures we respond and less we react. Let’s take this as an example –  Snapchat CEO’s comment – we have only limited information about this comment, we dont have  the whole speech nor the presentation to understand the context, if we have sufficient information, we would have responded and not reacted, and we have uninstalled the SNAPCHAT app, not the SNAPDEAL app!

Reaction – feeling at play 

We are human beings, we feel all the time, our first action was reaction to hunger, we cried. Let’s understand reaction is an essential human action for survival. The only question is whether a FULL TIME reaction mode helps. It doesn’t . The ‘’reactors’’ are the ones with full of energy, they are enthusiastic and lively, they change the environment when they come in hence they take an energy to energy. An example of this would be Indian Cricket Captian Virat Kohli , crowd abuses him – he will react, thinking he had given it back, crowd exploits the situation further, TV channels and others who are watching the match will be enjoying the madness of reaction.


Response – brain at play.

Response is not a natural behaviour pattern of human beings, it is a learned behaviour pattern, it is learned in a hard way. When we were toddlers we cried for food, we didn’t care whether there was sufficient food grains at home. Parents ensured you were fed on time. But as we grow older, we sense the situation around us, we could observe things around us, we could respond not react. As mentioned in the beginning of the e-mail, response is learned behaviour, there are different ways in which this can be inculcated into your behaviour .

  • Being Mindful – This is a powerful approach, this is not a technique. This is a way of life. Imagine your friend abused you in front of everyone, you have a choice to react, because you are a human being, you have another choice of being mindful – pay attention to your feelings, yes you are hurt, yes you feel bad, yes you want to retaliate – but these are just feelings . It will change in a few minutes. Take a deep breath. Smile and Talk – the way you talk shows the language of responsiveness.

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To summarize, to  react or to respond is an individual choice, both choices have advantages and disadvantages, it is important to be aware and mindful of when to respond and when to react. NLP programs help you to understand your patterns and help you to respond to situations.


A SNAP Reaction, how about a SLOW response?
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