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Neuro Lingustic Programming or NLP was one of the best experiences of my life.Those hours in the room with people from all walks of life on a journey of knowing ourselves and others more, were unforgettable.

The first activity,’draw the picture’ reminded me that I can be creative too.After that when Coach Alex questioned me continuously  and one question led to another, it looked as if with each question I am knowing myself better. For the first time, I saw myself from eyes of another person – how self-obsessed I am and how much ‘associative’ I am.  ( Association and disassociation are powerful techniques of NLP )

When Coach Alex gave us the task of imagining that we are in the future, I was reminded of my actual desires, what I truly truly want from the bottom of my heart, which because of some reason or the other I had lost touch with. With the failure-story task, I realized how much I think, No, coach made me realize it. When Coach Alex gave us,’complete the movie story’ task, and when storyteller gave us ‘story with the picture’ task, I realized how much I think of that guy I like, knowingly and unknowingly, which really was not a good thing.

When I got to know that I was auditory,then I realized why I like explaining stuff to myself, why even when I try to understand some material, I prefer to read it out aloud rather than just see it.When Coach Alex observed my body language and told me about the way I was behaving, oh gosh, I was so shocked.I realized I am always, always in my own world.

The Pathfinder - 2 days NLP workshop - Chennai on July 29th and 30th

The two meditation tasks Coach Alex gave us made me realize how restless I am, unlike others.Image result for being mindful

And then the hypnosis type technique you used to get that unknown thing out of my mind…I cannot thank you enough for it. I did not realize what it was that time, but now I am able to make some sense out of it.

 I was very unhappy because of a few recent events and partly because of the guy I like. But now I can confidently say, none of those stuff are bothering me now.None! I cannot explain in words the independence I feel now.

When I get up in the morning and with a fresh mind I do my work, without being restless or without thinking too much, I feel alive. It feels as if the school student is back again who loved herself as she was. 

And trust me, I dont really feel bad about the late-coming thing now, thanks to you! Also, I am going to do the 3*3 task as you told me to.I have started practicing awareness, and now since I think a lot less, it is easier!

A participant who attended the NLP workshop on 24 and 25 June 2017. Call us 9962-53-1982

THE PATHFINDER : How NLP Coaching works ? A Personal Experience.
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