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Why do people who are filled with knowledge, power and money feel emptiness in their lives and long for good sleep at night? It is because their minds are not empty. Minds with overflowing thoughts never at rest. An overburdened mind is always tired and hence inefficient.

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The famous saying is “Empty vessel makes most noise”.  NLP says “Empty vessel makes the MOST”.

Don’t we all say “I need some space” ? Well our minds say it too… “I need space…more space…all the space”.

NLP is about giving the mind a chance – to un-clutter and empty itself that it soon releases a strong energy to provide you the help needed in any situation. Don’t we all agree that only a place free of clutter attracts positive energy?

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It is essential not only to have an open mind but also an empty mind.

Imagine there are two vessels. One is full and the other is empty. When the tap is opened and water flows which one gets filled? The vessel that is full does not allow the water to fill in; it simply spills all the water outside. On the other hand the empty vessel takes in all the water, and fills itself full. But remember, it has to be empty again in order to get filled up when the tap is turned on next time.

Our mind is like a vessel. We always keep it filled with perceptions, prejudices, principles, practices, problems, plans, pasts and patterns with no space for new experiences, learnings and new relationships. We refuse to see beyond the clutter as it takes time and effort. Filling up the wardrobe comes naturally to us but clearing it takes time and effort. We keep a mental map and try to fit everything we see into it. This limits our ability to realistically understand and learn from within and without.

NLP helps us

a) unlearn to learn,

b) have an open mind that allows us to do mistakes and learn,

c) give our mind a chance to free itself from the clutter that we keep accumulating everyday like failure, success,jealousy,anger, worry,anxiety,fear,pain,heart break, bruised ego, revenge,guilt,hatred, doubt, greed.

An Empty mind takes us forward in life instead of getting stuck with the past.We feel fulfilled when we have empty minds ready to absorb all the goodness that flows in by making us live the present and enjoy the moment. NLP helps us in having an uncluttered, empty mind which is always fresh and ready to face the new challenges that life throws every day.Image result for breathing meditation























A few steps to empty your mind :

  • Find a quiet place
  • Close your eyes
  • Through your minds eye scan the place
  • Hear the sounds
  • Feel the sensations
  • Count the breath slowly from 20 to 0
  • Experience the bliss.


WRITTEN BY  : Sumitha Vijayaraghavan | NLP Student | E-mail her

Empty your vessel !

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