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One of my best coaching experiences is shared here, each time , when you coach someone, you find something special about the other person and you find something new about you.


The first meeting with a Coachee will be information gather and listening


Followed by, goal setting, probing and may be some provoking


One of the most important aspects of coaching is DEFINING THE SCOPE, when someone signs up for a coaching program – the person might not have an idea about the scope of coaching , it is important for a coach to define and articulate it.


It is important for a coach to give time to your coachee to reflect and ponder. The essence of great coaching is  ”finding their own solutions”.One of the NLP Presuppositions is – you have all the resources !


Let them reflect and find an answer!


As a coach, you are only a CATALYST – you are not the owner of anyone’s life, you are not here to find solutions and solve problems but, you are here as a coach HELPING PEOPLE TO FIND THEIR OWN SOLUTIONS.


Now read through all the picture content once again

NLP Coaching – It takes only 2 minutes to understand it!
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