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Personal Coaching with Alex because for me life matters!!

Personal coaching is a great investment in yourSELF. My first coaching experience was at the age of 27 and it has tremendous effect in the course of my life, it showed me a path, which I knew it existed but didn’t know how or where to find it, interestingly the map was lying deep down within me.

That’s what I can offer for you – finding your map. I am a catalyst – helping you to find what you love and have what you want. We all have a legacy to make and an impact to be made – that making a difference begins with you.

As a personal coach, I will lend my ears in understanding you and removing barriers in the way of your dreams. I will challenge you to take ownership about your time and help you to get out of ABCD – ACCUSING, BLAMING, COMPLAINING, DILEMMAS and step into life of EFGH – ENTHUSIASM AND ENERGY, FAME, GREATNESS, and HAPPINESS.

How we will start?

We’ll begin by talking, listening, asking questions, probing and sometimes even provoking. I will help  you in creating clear, inspiring, measurable goals and support you in connecting to your truth of who you are.. I believe you are capable of so much more than you know or are currently living.  Give me a call now @ 9962-53-1982

I have been coaching people since 2011 and a trainer since 2007. I am an NLP Practitioner, T group Specialist and a Behavioural Trainer. But my biggest wealth is my limited life experience and life experience of others.

I once led a confused, chaotic life with absolute no purpose and enthusiasm and underwent series of courses, seminars, coaching programs to get into a place where I am today, in the process I realized – there are a lot of people who need similar courses or in simple words – they need someone to listen.

I, 100% , believe we are all our own best inner counsellor and coach, sometimes we simply need someone else to kick start our journey or put in the right track. Coaching sessions conducted by phone, Skype or in person . I also offer one-day intensives for people seeking immediate clarity. Give me a call now @ 9962-53-1982

My clients come from diverse demographics. I work  human beings all ages who are CEO’s, entrepreneurs, parents, managers, students, home makers, and so on.  They all look for  a bit success, health, meaning, fulfilment, and impactful life. I only work with one client at a time.

I’m passionate about kaput the myth that life is about living by an order and having it all figured out , life is all about preparing for the unprepared.

Wishing you many blessings on your journey and I thank you for reading this article till the end, if you think I connected you to your deeper self  > Send me an email now >

Most of us think of a coach in terms of sports, say a football coach. Sports coaches teach, train, and encourage. Also, they pass on their wisdom and life experience to their players. A life coach can be thought of in much the same way with one significant difference. Life coaches focus on you, helping you along your individual life path.A life coach helps you get from where you are in your life now, to where you want to go.

In other words, he is a bridge between you and your dreams, goals and ambition.Your coach is someone who listens to you, supports you, motivates you,and holds you accountable to achieving your vision for yourself. Whatever it is that you want in your life, they will help you get there.My job is to help people to move forward in their lives. I’m a listener to your problems, I ask questions to clarify and deepen your level of understanding about the problem, I help you to find solutions for your programs.

Benefits of Life Coaching

Increased self-confidence, self esteem – A study by Grant of the University of Sydney, NSW, Australia found that life coaching also enhances a person’s mental health. Combined, these three aspects create a strongly positive mindset – an important key to success.

Better relationships – Life coaches help people gain clarity about their relationship “wants and needs” so they can build healthier relationships.

Improved communication skills – Effective communication reduces misunderstandings and shortens the time it takes to make others understand what you need or want.

Stronger interpersonal skills – From buying fruit to interviewing for a business loan, people skilled at interpersonal relations have the world as their resource.

Enhanced work performance – Life coaching can contribute to a better and more satisfying work experience.

Correct work/life balance – Very much an individual issue, it is often tricky arriving at the equilibrium that’s right for you.

Greater wellness – Being well is more than taking medicine. Life coaches work with their clients to create “do-able”, comprehensive plans.

Heightened team effectiveness – Life coaching is also about groups and teams. The same benefits that individuals can enjoy also apply to teams and groups.

Why Life Coaching?


Hi coach Alex!!

Sending gratitude for helping me out of many situations where mentally and emotionally I totally hit rock bottom …
My recent experience of being cheated had me totally numbed ,angry , depressed and was going through whole mixed emotions making it v difficult to go about my daily chores … The conversation with you and your technique of releasing anger has helped me feel from a minus to an 80% better in minutes .

You have magic in you I’v been struggling for so many days taking sleeping tablets in minutes you helped me go from this 🙁 to this 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
You totally rock thank you

Gita Taneja – Fashion Designer

Why Life Coaching with Alex?

  1. You will be coached by an experienced, actively listening, non-judgmental person.
  2. You will see the CHANGE happening to you.
  3. You will lead a life as per your choice.
  4. You will start developing new habits.
  5. You will get powerful Self Assessments tools
  6. One to One coaching. 100% individual attention.
  7. The program spread across many months.
  8. 100% Confidential and 100% money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with my coaching. You get 100% money back. No questions will be asked.
  9. Face to Face Coaching and Skype Coaching