Testimonials – Indian NLP
Alex Jacob, is the trainer for my first course on NLP, conducted in
the 1st week of Jan. 2013. Alex is very cordial and approachable.
He carefully grooms and gets the participants to identify their
limitations in a unique manner – with caring attention and grace!
“Discover your-self with NLP”, with Alex Jacob. I’d recommend this
program, for every aspiring individual who wants to live the way
they want! Kalyan Narayana – Cisco Bangalore
Alex Jacob is a very dedicated & committed person from what I know him since the last 4 years. He is quite creative and self-driven in his pursuit towards life. I have seen him lead groups of participants over the years in supporting them lead a better life by his trainings and his after course personal support to his participants. He has worked with me in hosting my workshops and is very professional in his business approach. His programmes are very sought by the corporates, as he has loads of NLP experience from his relentless pursuit for learning and he keeps himself abreast of the latest human technologies by working with trainers around the world. I wish him all the best for all his novel initiatives contributing to a better future for all.
Ashok Subramanian NLP Master Trainer (Since 2003) Shinota Consulting.
“When you are finding a challenge to handle your life problems you can 100% see Alex Jacob for help.
This is because of 3 simple reasons.
His genuine interest to help you.
Thorough subject knowledge.
I had the opportunity to conduct an NLP Workshop with Alex where he showed me some great examples on methods to deal with people..He is the final word for patience and he gave me the opportunity to be myself..So Alex Jacob is a real Self Help Friend and a World Class NLP Trainer.. I look forward to associate with him throughout my journey of life and value his guidance as something special..”
— M. Rafi – Asia’s One and Only Ethnic NLP Trainer
Other forms of Training i attended gave solutions/answers, advise…the trainers told what they think or what they want me to think. NLP does nt do any of this. It makes one realize/ believe that all the thoughts and efforts should come from self and not outside.Both means and end are decided by oneself. Sumitha Vijayaraghavan –Chartered Accountant
The trainer was very clear and gave concise information. I really appreciate his willingness to help and support for issues or information even outside of the training.Made us all feel extremely comfortable. He had put in a good amount of effort to enable us to understand maximum modules in two days. The web-chats with his mentors were excellent and a big thank -you for that! – Indira Dani – Student Counsellor
I always felt that there was something lacking in my presentations or while addressing a bigger audience. The Public Speaking workshop helped me fill that gap and gain more confidence, by providing those small but precious tips/ways that can help improve our abilities/skills while presenting/talking” – Rehmath Banu – Manager – Cisco

I would say – it’s a journey towards understanding YOU and influencing your mind consciously rather than influencing others unconsciously. Alex as a Trainer is like icing on the cake… In my opinion, he is a good orator and explains the concepts in layman language. I believe he has the quality of a true trainer Harini – Temenos

“I know Alex for about 2 years now – we both are part of the same Toastmasters Club. He believes in constant learning and continuous development. His stage presence is awesome and he always brings something new in his speeches. He has tremendous ability to connect with people and this makes him a great trainer.” Mohan Subramanian IT Advisor and Leadership Coach |Former VP Cognizant

Excellent presentation skills .Convincing
Varghese Chacko Marketing , Addnl General Mgr- BHEL

Thanking Alex for imparting training without even making us realize. It was really fantastic.
M S Shekhar – Head Education Services – Xerago

I have been reading NLP books for last 2 years with a little understanding and I must say all my reading has become fruitful after 7 hours of interaction with Alex in his training
Akhilesh Kumar Principal Architect -Cognizant

I felt got something new in life which i need to practice to make it better. Like more planning to focus on self determined goals. Rajhaprabhu – Manager Platform projects -Sutherland Global Services

It will help reprogram our lives to achieve what we want more effectively and efficiently Alex is the epitome of patience when it comes to listening to people, explaining new concepts and helping out people.
Narmadha Lakshmi.S-Mentor/Coach/Trainer –
Communication Expert- Maersk.


9ae0a7663577189fc577eaa1a5588107_180x180Your name/organization and designation and year of experience
C.R.Rennie Priya /Freelance Soft Skill trainer/2 years 5 monthsI attended the NLP training because :
I actually wanted to know what is NLP and see whether NLP is helpful for me, for my profession.

I wanted to enhance my profession also through NLP since I do trainings for college students and corporate. The concept “How”. I really liked it. I feel more confident and I wanted to do the practitioner level also and would like to be a successful trainer in NLP by helping out people who are looking for solutions in their life.

I think the areas I am benefitted through NLP program are :
I focused on relationship management and I relatively found that it helped me a lot.
Certain techniques like “Swish” is very effective in swapping negativity, swapping memories etc.
I found using NLP not only in a professional purpose, even for our day today life gives a lot of change. And through practice anything can be done through NLP according to me.

I think my friends ,family members and colleagues can be benefitted in (areas of their life)
Profession, Life in managing relationship, Effective working, Any needs that they feel they have to improve

I wish to attend next level of NLP program because
I am attending the next level of NLP program in order to make myself a better personality than what I am now and become a successful trainer in NLP and help people who are looking for solutions in their life. Thank you Alex.

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Rasheed Ahamed / Maersk Global Service Centers
Senior Process Excellence Specialist with 8+ years of Experience

I attended the NLP training because :
I attended this program to get a taste of true and underlying essence of the NLP concepts and applying the same in my personal life. More importantly I am very curious to know more about concepts of Modeling Human Excellence and how it can be applied consciously.

I think the areas I am benefitted through NLP program are :
After undergone the basics of NLP – now 1) I started looking at a situation from several different angles including my own point of view and another person’s view (Perceptual Position) 2) Changed my perception about others, since each one of us have our own Map of the World.

I think my friends ,family members and colleagues can be benefitted in (areas of their life)
I believe this program will benefits when we have a difference of opinion with friends, colleagues and family members

Helps friends and colleagues to reduce phobias (fears) (eg., Stage fear, Public Speaking etc)
By practicing some basics concepts would helps them in personal transformation in their life

I wish to attend next level of NLP program because
I wish to attend this program to get maximum benefit out of this program, particularly in the areas of Modeling Human Excellence, Meta Model and Perceptual Position. This in turn helps me realize my goals/objectives and increase my overall performance.

5184ffd8006939e2e462e071ca3885ca_140x196Your name/organization and designation and year of experience
SumithaVijayaraghavan/ Chartered Accountant/ 6 years of working experience

I attended the NLP training because :
Iam an aspiring NLP trainer. I attended the NLP training to learn the basics of NLP.

I think the areas I am benefitted through NLP program are :
It has been helping me look at things from different perspectives that makes me flexible.
I have been applying the principles to improve my relationship with my spouse and child.
It facilitates me to understand people’s view on things.
It has created anself awareness in me about my strengths and inner resources.
It has been helping me revisit my beliefs.
It is helping me improve my listening skills and overall communication.
It constantly reminds me to seek the change from within rather from outside.

I think my friends ,family members and colleagues can be benefitted in (areas of their life)
My husband- in his work place.
I wish to attend next level of NLP program because
Iam eager to explore the vast NLP world.Iam aspiring to become a NLP trainer .
Also iam curious to get a chance to make new friends and of course meet Ashok!